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Other Services: Article 81 Guardianships, Animal Law

The Law Office enjoys branching out into other practice areas.  One such area known as Article 81 guardianship is a natural extension of Ms. Castellano’s work with families.  When an individual becomes incapacitated, a loved one or organization may pursue a legal guardianship in the court system to protect the individual from harm.  These so-called Article 81 proceedings require not just a technical expertise with the statutory requirements but also compassion and understanding.  Ms. Castellano has served in multiple capacities in such cases from representing individuals to preparing reports for the judges charged with making guardianship decisions.


Ms. Castellano has a keen interest in animal law issues.  As a member of the New York State Bar Association’s Committee on Animals and the Law, she has attended numerous programs on animal law.  She routinely encounters the difficult issue of pet ownership in her divorce practice.  She is part of a team of attorneys developing community-based presentations on animal law topics of interest.  Her contribution deals with pet custody.  A lifelong avid horseback rider, she has a particular interest in equine law.  She enjoys repeating the 19th century politician Benjamin Disraeli’s famous quote - “A canter is the cure for all evil.” 

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